Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My DnD#1 Port

Shroud of the Avatar, Lord British's RPG kickstarter, posted a contest a couple weeks ago to port his first game that he ever wrote to Unity.  Aptly named DnD#1, it's a basic and very difficult dungeon romp.  Lord British was my childhood hero, and walking through his code was quite a personal experience.  I think any coder would understand what it feels like to walk through someone else's code.

I tried to keep it as close to the original as possible (per the contest's rules), but I did put in some options to attempt to smooth out some edges.  

[EDIT: I was selected as a runner-up.  Wooo!]

  • The game defaults to the original settings, but I highly recommend turning on the Minimap, and turning off typos, and setting the Tileset to Mod 2.
  • Don't type YES to needing instructions, it will boot you (again, original code)
  • -1 often times exits a menu
  • You can type NONE to the class selection to re-roll your stats
  • It is very, very hard.  Dark Souls has nothing on this game
  • There is only 1 monster at a time.  It will not move through walls.  However, your spells and arrows will
  • I added these command options to the COMMAND= prompt which won't be listed in the in-game menu: ? = show commands, ITEMS = inventory, SPELLS = current spells

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  1. Killed a few mummies, a kobold, goblin, but the manwatch? swept out 7 or 8 hp in a few hits. Ouch. Nice work.