Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A New Project

So, it's probably obvious from the lack of posting (a year) on the project below (isometric roguelike), but I bailed on it. I couldn't get the performance I needed on an iPhone/iPad. I think I understand why deep/hardcore games don't exist in the mobile market.

I have decided to bite the 3D bullet and embrace Unity. All my free time has been spent learning Unity3D and Blender. I love both. I may still end up making a 2D (or 2.5D) game, we'll have to see. However, I had an idea last night that may end up being neither.

I've also decided that I will absolutely, at some point, make a Talesworth Arena 2, with the primary upgrade being a free moving character & map.


  1. Well. Good.
    But I believe that Talesworth 3: the final chapter. Is what the world needs.

    1. 'Ere, Mr. Jinx, you wants I should kick 'im in the groin, then set 'im on fire with me flamethrower?

      I imagine that with all his contraptions, the engineer would find all this free moving business a tad cumbersome. I wonder if a speed stat some some can outrun the moving adversaries (if any) would be feasible... here's the Cunning Rogue with nothing but a pouch of sand, some daggers, an extensive knowledge of dirty tricks, plus a speed of 1 (turns per movement), and here's the Engineer who takes 3, with enemies generally at 2.