Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thoughts on Platinum scoring

So far, so good.  I think the difficulty is in a good place for Gold stars, and I've seen solutions posted for at least 12 or 13 Platinums so far!  Great work everyone, truly impressive.

I just pushed an update, v1.1.2, that removes a loot bag from both Deadly Loot and Last Line of Defense.  This probably breaks a couple of those Platinum solutions, but I think it needed to be done.

Deadly Loot - Somewhere along the line, I added an extra gold bag in there.  Not sure when it happened, but I can't even solve it worse than Platinum right now.  Consequently, I removed the bag.  Platinums should be very difficult and hard to find, and this felt too easy.

Last Line of Defense - A couple people pointed out that it was inconsistent that Questy could score a Platinum on a level by saving a loot bag and not even leading him out of the room.  I added a path that allows him to exit through the south exit without a loot bag, and removed a loot bag from the bags available.  On the flip side, it's technically not possible to get Gold if you somehow figured out a way into the North exit, but I think this setup makes more sense than the way it was previous.


  1. I actually didn't find Last Line of Defense as a platinum before hand, and now I'll never have a "perfect" score! I did get Deadly Loot, though, so I still have 12 platinums even though that one's not platinumable anymore.

    Great to see questy get a sequel, especially after I believe you said he wasn't going to get one.

    I would mention on the scoring page that going to the north exit on LLoD isn't required for a gold as entering the alternate paths WERE required for a gold in the other stages with them.

    The list of things I've found platinumable (~*spoilers*~). Levels kept to abriviations so you can't tell what they are with just a glace (but shouldn't be hard to figure out)

    1. Great work, impressive! I don't think that the people that are grandfathered in on Deadly Loot count towards a "perfect" score though. I love that suggestion for Last Line for the scoring window, I'll add that in the next patch. That has been needling me, I think that takes me one step closer to tying that room up with a bow.

  2. I have been trying a few other of the more complex rooms trying to divine a platinum solution out of them. The Chamber of Souls was especially infuriating, as I spent three hours on it trying to reduce the number of gates I needed to use, but there doesn't seem to be any way to delay Questy for the exact right amount of time--I did however reduce the problem to 4/1/2.

    Uh Oh No Loot Bags on the other hand has a lot of platinum solutions. This is my favorite and most unconventional one.

    1. Okay there IS a way to delay Questy long enough but it saves no resources whatsoever

    2. Wow, lol, I can honestly say that I've never seen that Uh Oh No Loot Bags solution. Very clever.

  3. Hey, I'm really loving the game. My favourite level of the moment has to be The Sweet Lure of Meat, mostly because I've platinumed it on my first playthrough and have yet to figure out a solution that actually uses any of the meat ;)

    I do have a feature request - is it possible to add a way to skip cutscenes that have already been viewed? Optimising boss rooms is a pain because if I don't click STOP fast enough, I have to wait for the scene to play through.

    1. Yes, I definitely need to add a "skip" button, it'll be going in soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. I managed to platinum the very first map. I don't see it's abbreviation in ebugle's list so this might be a new finding. I didn't find the rest yet however becouse I only finished the forest.

  5. HansimschnockelochMay 18, 2012 at 6:56 AM

    Suggestion for the platinum : it could help that in the scoring you give the indication that at leas one platinum solution for this room exists.
    Because after I get my first platinum award (uhu h no loot bag), I get back in the previous room to find how to improve the gold solution, but in many case there is not ! And it is such a pleasure to find if you that you may find !
    So far, I managed to find 11 platinum solutions, still trying on Sweet lure, deadly loot (or is it definitveley dead?) and chambers of souls (i saw somewhere that someone managed to get it)

  6. I would do anything to see the platinum solution for "The Chamber of Souls".