Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Puzzle Contest

Update: This contest has ended and the winner has been chosen.  'Grats to Adam C.!  I'll post the solution in the comments to avoid posting spoilers.  

Ok, I've learned an important lesson on this project regarding vocalizing a release date: Don't do it.  I apologize to the people visiting this blog and waiting patiently. Things are still coming along nicely, but both myself and a friend rewriting it on the iPad have our day jobs.  So, we're still testing and tweaking like mad, but no firm release date.

In the meantime, I thought it might be fun to host a small contest.  Below, you'll see the 2nd map in the first area (The Forest).  It's not an especially difficult map, so I expect that if you are here reading this, you probably won't find it too difficult.  Nevertheless, it is harder to solve them just on sight.  


  1. Treat the map as an X,Y grid, with the top left square being 0,0, the bottom left square is (0, 11), the top right square is (15,0) and the bottom right square is (15,11).
  2. Using this coordinate system, email me the placements of the MINIMUM number of loot bags needed to help Questy get the gem, get the key, and exit the level alive.
  3. Use the email in the About section in the upper right portion of this blog.
  4. The green X can have a loot bag placed on it, and the tan block will move/slide when Questy runs into it.  Regarding the rest of the objects, you're on your own.
  5. Only one entry per person
  6. I will randomly choose one winner among all the winning submissions on January 12th.
  7. Do not post the solution here on this blog.
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Enjoy and happy new year :)



  1. but it sais that you have 10, I assume that you emphasised minimum because you can win with less, or you just forgot about it

  2. Correct, you are given 10 bags to use, and the contest asks you email me the MINIMUM number of bags needed to accomplish the goals I lay out.

  3. Showing me this is the worst kind of torture. I can see the solution, so clearly, and yet, cannot play it! I'd ask for a release date, but I don't want to be hurt again...

  4. Grats to Adam C. on being among the correct submissions, and then winning the dice roll for the prize. Great job to everyone else that solved this by sight, it's much harder that way.


    Here's the winning solution (8 bags needed):

  5. now that the contest is over:

    Any release date?

  6. Darn, I didn't realize the two maces were different coloured (colour-blind here).

  7. Neither did I, but I figured that there were 2 maces for a reason.

  8. One day I'll visit talesworth.com and there'll be a new game. One day. :(

  9. you said the game would be released on the 1st week of december. Well, its FEBRUARY!

  10. The wait is killing me. And I still don't know if this game is going to be released online like episode one. I mean on newgrounds or so. It would be extremely gay if it only is going to be released on Ipad.

  11. Yeah I agree. This ipad-shit is lame as hell.

  12. man, i'm starting to hate this webpage, you dissapear and you dont say anything never, maybe you should say something to the fans that follow the webpage and that expect something from you!
    PD: sorry for my bad english

  13. I agree, now that you've established you have fans, I think it's a good idea for you post updates once in a while. Once a month sounds reasonable to me.

  14. yeah, that's true, well at least say something, I'm not expecting an update every month, but I am expecting a comment often, just for let us know how the project is evolving or something

  15. It's not that I mind posting updates once a month, but honestly, I don't have too much to report. I feel bad posting things like "Still working on it!" I've finished the flash version a while back, and I'd like to launch the iPad version, so I'm waiting until a good friend finishes it. Since making games isn't our day job, sometimes free time gets spent on other things, such as PLAYING games :) Thanks, as always, for your patience. I wish I could give a date, but trust me, we want it done as bad as you do!

  16. Woah! can't wait for it! :)
    we're with you Sean!

  17. Can you tell us if your Flash version is going to be released on, say, Newgrounds again? Or is it released only on the iPad? If the Flash version is completed, why not release it now?

    Also, is there a sandbox mode? I think building a community out of user-generated levels would be fun!

    Anyway, thanks for wanting it done as badly as we do, Sean! :)

    1. I'm not sure to be honest. I think that, at the least, I'll probably make the full flash version available to the people visiting this blog.

      Regarding sandbox mode, I've thought about including my builder, but there are so many rules I'd need to build it that I passed on it. Again though, I may offer the build mode to visitors of this blog, and people that are big fans, along with the disclaimer that it will be easily breakable when building maps. I'd LOVE to play maps made by other people, that would be so fun. Please stick with me through the wait and I'll try and make it worth your while with fun additional things like this that no one else will have access to.

  18. I've been wondering, how many level can be solved without using all the tools available (and by solved I do mean get the gem and the bonus room in one go). I think the third last level is the only one - it does not require both doors, ...

    Curious if this is old hat or not?? Or if there are other things that can be done more optimally - I suspect not, but really curious if I have missed something

    1. Throughout the launch time of the game, I've had a few levels brought to my attention that this can be done. It was not planned, and if you ever find it, you have essentially outwit me, the guy that made the freakin' game. So yeah, great job if you find it and please send me a screenshot of your solution.

  19. Hmm, yes (the previous post is from me too) I see there is at least one other level where one can get away with jewel (and bonus room) with one money bag and one gate left unused - and this relies on 'killing' the red ogre by rolling the boulder 'past' rather than 'over' it, leading it to die with an arrow in its back (I'm not making this up) - something which a perfectly planning player would never be able to guess happens. Now I'm even more curious as to whether there are other such weird possibilities, ...

  20. It could be cool if you can make a video ( a trailer ) of the game, to make us an idea of how will it be.

    thank you for your splendid work :)

  21. Anyone on this thread interested in beta testing? :) If so, email me at the email in the About section.