Monday, November 28, 2011

I've played it on the iPad

Things have been moving along at a nice click this month.  I've actually played TA:Ep 2 on the iPad and I swear this game is MADE for that device.  I wish I was releasing a level editor (not at launch, but hopefully sometime soon) so that I could enjoy playing new levels that other people make.

Speaking of, if anyone is interested in using my horribly buggy "FOR ME ONLY" version to make  levels after the game is launched, let me know.  I'll probably require some level of understanding and skill, such as a screenshot of having Gold stars on all the levels, with all gems found, but more on that later on this blog.

Regarding release, as I mentioned before, I really wanted to wait until the iPad version was ready to launch the game.  That is where it should really live, on a tablet of some kind.  We've been gunning hard for Dec 1, but it may not happen, so I'm going to go on record as saying in the next week or two we should have a release date we can state.

I realize that the long delays may be frustrating for fans, but the truth of it is that I've never really thought of the game as even having fans.  You throw something out onto the interwebz and assume people play it for a few minutes and immediately forget about it. Feels good to know that there is at least a few people that are psyched for the next one.  Thanks for your patience (except for that one guy that was a total troll) and do my best to keep you all updated.