Saturday, April 3, 2010

Talesworth Arena

This game combines real-time combat button-clicking with timing and strategy. I wanted to make an RPG that required a bit of skill and not just some button-mashing. The art and illustrationg was done by Miguel "Borador" Rojas and the music was done by Ludzix.

Click the image below to play it on Kongregate:


  1. Very fun game, great, thanks for making it, fills a big gap in non-arcade flash RPGs.

    Given you want some tactics, rather than finger-twitching button-mashing, would appreciate longer timers to give player time to think about a move, rather than seeing, say, Spectre Glow, confusing it in the rush with Spectre Freeze and Spectre Parrot, not remembering the difference and frantically pushing anything thats available since you only have 0.5 sec to launch that interrupt. Given each opponent is new, and you dont get to practice the same spider 55 times like in WoW, and you dont give us hot-keys, would want time to look up my pre-battle notes and make a tacticasl decision.
    Also, would be great to be able to level up a bit on the side somewhere if a boss is too hard. Currently, you get stuck with no way to improve and no way out. Eg the third boss if you're a flaming mechanic just gets up and you have to quit.

    Lastly, for next episode maybe a bit of progression - eg change in scenery/ get to a new town/ unlock new shops etc?

  2. I thought this game was amazing, definitely one of the best Flash games I've ever played. I actually keep googling the name every few months to see if there's been a sequel.

    There's going to be a sequel, right?? :)