Saturday, April 3, 2010

Talesworth Adventure: Quest for the Dragon's Hoard

A unique puzzle game that challenges you to help Questy slay the Dragon of Talesworth and snatch his hoard of loot. He's an evil dragon, so don't feel bad. Navigate through 30 increasingly difficult levels (and 3 bonus levels). This game was inspired by my love of the old D&D graph paper maps and classic 8-bit games.

Talesworth Arena

This game combines real-time combat button-clicking with timing and strategy. I wanted to make an RPG that required a bit of skill and not just some button-mashing. The art and illustrationg was done by Miguel "Borador" Rojas and the music was done by Ludzix.

Click the image below to play it on Kongregate:

Castles of Talesworth

This game is a remake (with some bells/whistles) of the classic game Rampart. I'm not going to lie, this one was not well-received. I think the interface was a bit clunky, and since the game really shined in multi-player, the lack of people playing hampered it a bit. The in-game art was done by Jorge Tirado.

This was a lot of fun to write, and is my first foray into the multiplayer arena.

Click on the image below to play it on Kongregate: